Ultimate Home Features Overview

Green Options

Your home deserves the most sustainable and energy efficient home building options on the market. Let Key Lime work to find the right solution for you.

Remodeling Magic

Whether you’re refreshing your kitchen or adding a dash of charm to a new space, Key Lime offers remodeling ideas that are affordable and modern.

Key Advantages

With every home Key Lime Construction builds, the homeowner gets more advantages they would pay extra for with most other builders.

Showcasing Our Work

    Recesssed Ceiling
    Bookshelves, Fireplace
    Vanity, Sink
    Bathroom, Shower, Tub
    New Home
    New Kitchen

Client Testimonials

  • Rebecca McCann, Crestview, Homeowner

    Key Lime Construction goes above & beyond to build a home head & shoulders above other builders we compared them to.

    —Rebecca McCann, Crestview, Homeowner
  • T. Tschirn, Rocky Bayou, Homeowner

    We are very happy with the construction of our home and the competence of the builder so much so, that we are contracting Key Lime Construction to build our next home.

    —T. Tschirn, Rocky Bayou, Homeowner
  • Lara Smith, Bluewater Bay, Homeowner

    Keylime Construction built my new kitchen on time and within my budget. They worked with me from the start to give me what I wanted. We are very happy!

    —Lara Smith, Bluewater Bay, Homeowner
  • Brandon Edwards, Destin, Homeowner

    We have more room in our house because of the great remodeling job that Key Lime Construction completed for us. They helped us design it and build it. Now we are enjoying it to the max!

    —Brandon Edwards, Destin, Homeowner